Millwork and Fixture

Millwork and Fixture Installations

We offer nationwide fixture installation, specializing in both prefabricated and custom millwork systems found in today’s commercial, institutional, and retail environments. We are trained professionals working with wood, laminate, metal, and glass; our skilled and knowledgeable installers can assemble and install all types of fixtures.

  • Lozier and Madix Gondola Systems
  • Merchandizing Counters and Display Systems
  • Stockroom Racking – Stationary and Mobile
  • All types of Slat Wall Systems
  • Cash Wraps
  • Millwork Cabinetry
  • Jewelry Cabinets
  • Fitting Rooms
  • Stand Alone Kiosks
  • Visual Merchandising

We provide a superior level of craftsmanship, quality, and service to our clients regardless of project size – both large and small projects get the same attention to detail, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Millwork and Fixture 1

Nationwide Rollouts

Nationwide RolloutsWhen you are updating an existing design or incorporating a new element into your existing floor plan, you want a company who understands what aspects of your work you want to preserve and what aspects need a new edge. From simple lighting change-outs to large-scale national graphics rebranding, our team is interested in providing precise execution, minimal disruptions, and superior results throughout the entire project.

Recent Rollouts:

  • Completed over 25 retail store conversions in less than two weeks.
  • Total graphic rebrand in more than 1100 stores nationwide in 8 months.
  • New graphic installation at 29 locations in a period of 4 days.

We understand the process, and what is needed to implement changes in the field. How timing is invariably critical and that installation should be at times to suit your business. We have made it our mission to minimize downtime by using ingenuity to quickly overcome installation snags.

Finish Carpentry

Finish CarpentryFinish carpentry is very meticulous and requires a unique skill set. Our installers are detail oriented and experienced with many types of wood, laminate, and metal. The pride we take in our work translates into exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and service to our customer.

We routinely install all types of storefronts and millwork in a wide variety of materials. From large storefront installations comprised of 18 gauge diamond plate and aluminum laminate, to crown and base molding, we have the experience and skills needed to give our customers the exceptional look they demand.

Quite often, we are called on to design and fabricate custom millwork fixtures. We maintain a selection of valuable partners with the quality and capabilities to meet your design specifications.

Tenant Improvements

After years of use, office/retail space tends to decline in both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Growth, new equipment, and aesthetic erosion are all reasons why tenant improvements are key to staying competitive in today’s fast paced environment.

We provide our tenant improvement services for existing office and retail spaces, as well as the development of vacant shell structures, ready for new opportunities. Whether it is a remodel of an existing space or the complete build-out of a vacant shell, we have the resources to complete your project with unmatched efficiency.

Our clients appreciate our reliability, flexibility, professionalism, and most importantly our ability to provide a turnkey solution for a truly hassle-free experience. We take great pride in completing tenant build-out projects as quickly as possible while providing top quality work at a reasonable cost. You will have piece of mind knowing that your office, restaurant, or commercial space will be ready when you need it.

Fixture Resets

We currently use a gondola moving system that is fast and efficient. It is a simplistic, yet highly effective method of gondola movement which allows us to move entire, fully stocked aisles with less workers.

Fixture Resets

Moving shelving without taking the product off the shelves saves time and money!

  • Saves you time – No need to pay additional employees to remove contents from shelves, inventory, and replace.
  • Minimize business disruption – Because merchandise remain on the shelves at all times, they can be available to your customers if you remodel while open.
  • Reduce damage – No disassembling of shelves means no need to manually remove fragile product, and reduces the possibility of damaging your shelves as well.
  • Eliminate restocking errors – Merchandise stays in the same area on shelves, meaning no confusing merchandising situations for your customers.

Upon final placement, we can also provide seismic anchoring to meet region based specifications/requirements.

Online Project Management 24/7

We provide our clients with an online project management system which allows them to view daily progress at any jobsite. Any documentation required concerning the progress of a project will be available on our website 24/7.

  • Daily Progress Reports
  • Online Schedules for Field Personnel
  • Inventory/Packing Lists
  • Digital Images
  • Completion Documents

In addition, our system is capable of automatically notifying you anytime new project documents have been added to our site, saving you time and keeping you up-to-date.